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Choosing the best Last Mile Delivery Partner

There are many factors to consider before selecting the perfect last mile delivery team. After all, the delivery person is the only physical human touch your customer may have with your e-commerce platform/business.

Here are some of the critical factors you should consider before zero-ing in on a service provider.

  1. Availability of API’s: How easily can the logistics system be connected with your internal systems. This offers ease of operations as well as realtime view to the consumers on their order status
  2. Cash on delivery Management: Whether or not, the logistics team can successfully handle collection and deposit of Cash orders is important, specially in countries where trust with e-commerce is not established.
  3. Insurance: It is important to know if the logistics service provider can offer insurance against damaged or lost packages while they are being delivered to customers. Many providers also help with theft insurance. It is important to discuss the rates beforehand.
  4. Service History and Recommendations: When you promise a service level to the clients, you need to ensure your logistics team can match up to the levels. Otherwise, the customers will end up being disappointed or can cancel the orders a well.
  5. Returns Management: To ensure the logistics partner can return goods that were not delivered successfully and at a reasonable cost to your company.